Railcore® Mini Belt Retainer and Clips

Railcore® Mini Belt Retainer and Clips

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This is a bolt in replacement for the printed Belt Clips and Retainers and is made out of 6061 Aluminum! This retainer and clip is specially designed for our Railcore® Mini Aluminum Y Carriage.

As with our clips and retainer for the 300zl and ZLT, this allows for extremely easy tension adjustment of your belts. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed!

Check out some videos that may help you on your build!

Kit Contents

  • 1 Aluminum Retainer (31g)
  • 4 Belt Clips (4g/ea.)
  • 4 - m3 x 20mm Cap Head (316 stainless)
  • 4 - m3 x 8mm button head cap screws
    (316 stainless)
  • Assembly Tips & Instruction Sheet

We also recommend Blue Loctite to be applied to the screws for the belt clips.

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