Triple Ex Mount (for Orbiter 1.5/2.0 & Bondtech LGX Lite)

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We are happy to offer our new mount renamed to the Triple Ex Mount.  The Triple Ex works with Orbiter 1.5, 2.0 and the Bondtech LGX Lite for use on the Railcore printers.  The Triple Ex comes in at a tiny 24 grams.

This is a 3 piece assembly made out of 6061 aluminum and designed to give a solid and stable mounting surface for the Orbiter and Bondtech LGX extruders.

The base plate is tapped and lightened weighing in at only 9 grams vs the 1.5 version at 13 grams, so all you have to do is drop some m3 screws into the Orbiter and bolt it down, even if you have a 1.5 as we have added the mounting holes for the older version.

If you have a Bondtech LGX Lite, it is mounted by inserting 4 square nuts in the bottom of the LGX Lite.  Then you remove the mounting plate from the Triple Ex, and insert 2 - m3x6 screws into the rear of the plate, then reassemble the Triple Ex.  Then flip it over, and mount the LGX Lite with the 2 already inserted bolts, and 2 more, for a total of 4 m3x6 bolts.

The orbiter mounting holes are tapped, and attach from the orbiter down into the mounting plate.

We also have LDO Orbiter 2.0's in stock.  

Note for LGX Lite users:  We have found that when the LGX Lite is attached to the Triple Ex, it seems to slightly bow the case of the LGX Lite as it's quite thin and not perfectly flat.  We have designed this spacer (because putting 4 washers in can be tricky with how the LGX Lite has to be mounted, though it does work).  It raises the LGX Lite ever so slightly so that the case of the LGX Lite doesn't bow when tightened down.  You can download the printable file by clicking this link.  We suggest printing it out of PETG, ABS, ASA or PC.

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