About us


Our mission is to help our customers take their product from concept to reality in a simple and affordable manner, and to provide high end quality products to our 3d printing, woodturning and machining customers.



Mandala Rose Works makes products for 3d Printing, Ornamental Turning as well as accessories for Tormach milling machines.

We currently manufacture parts for 8 different 3d printer lines. Please check our product page for our catalog of available parts.

Our line of woodturning products includes the lightest Rose Engine designed from the ground up to run on electricity instead of being hand cranked. Our line of ornamental accessories include cutting frames, additional rosettes and other accessories for the Mandala Rose Engine.


Our mission is "Taking you from concept to Reality". This simple statement is what our business is all about. We want to help you take your invention or product from the idea stage to the product stage.

Our Machining Services include:

  • 3d CAD Drafting
  • Machine Design
  • Prototype Machining
  • Mold making
  • Short & Large production runs

Additional Services

  • Laser Engraving & Etching
  • Laser Cutting (Wood, Acrylic, Plastics, etc...)
  • Custom Embroidery on Shirts, Hats, Jackets, etc...
  • Woodturning
  • Woodworking

Whatever your needs are, we can help you turn your concepts into reality.

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