Adjustable Probe Mount

Adjustable Probe Mount

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We have finally come up with a mount for the StrykePoint Probe and BLTouch Probe Mount that checks all our "want" boxes, so we are happy to introduce you to it!

Our goal was to produce a mount that was rigid as well as adjustable. No more need for spacers!

It is compatible with all of the various Y carriages available for the Railcore® but should be easily mountable to most other carriages.

Even the Hemera Y Carriage on the hotend side. We are working on a new mounting solution for machined mount for the rear mount position.

The adjustable probe mount comes pre-adjusted to a good starting position, but should you need to adjust it, just loosen 1 screw, slide it to a different position, and tighten it down. Quick, easy and simple! Total movement of the mount is approximately 7mm.

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