Double Shear Stepper Mounts

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We have come up with a great companion for the long shaft steppers from LDO, available at Filastruder.

The Double Shear Stepper Mounts are a great accessory to our Nema 17 stepper mounts.

Our Double Shear Stepper Mounts allow both ends of the stepper shaft to be supported, limiting shaft flex even more.

Our kit is supplied with:
- 2 top plates
- 2 bearings
- 8 - 30mm spacers
- 8 - m3x45mm bolts

The bolts extend from the top of the Double Shear Stepper Mounts, thru the spacers and nema17 mounts, and into the stepper itself.

Note: 50mm longs bolts will be needed with use of a Halo or Jubilee Stepper Mounts.

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