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The "Top Enclosure Cover" is available in both Clear and Smoke Acrylic, and Polycarbonate.

In this kit, you get all parts and hardware you need in order to build your Top Enclosure! We have put together a detailed manual on how to properly assemble your kit which will be included. Total build time is only 1-2 hours.  You will receive the extrusion in a separate shipment as we are no longer stocking the extrusion.  Tapping is no longer offered as we aren't stocking the extrusion.

(see below for more details and links)

The 1/4" acrylic of these should be good up to about 100C. The "melting point" of acrylic is 135C - 175C. Polycarbonate will be even higher.

Additionally, the back panel happens to have 2 vents in it, that can either have a "vent cover" printed for it, or someone could design a fan mount for it which would allow you to control the temps in the enclosure via a fan or two.

There are a few parts for this that you need to print yourself as we can't stock and print all the colors and types of filament that end users may want. The parts and pieces are avialable via download from Thingiverse.

We look forward to seeing what accessories and modifications you come up with!

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is dependent on the interface kit from J. Steve White and Tony Akens and can be downloaded here.

RailCore Labs recommend upgrading to aluminum Z yokes if you're going to use an enclosure.

The images shown on this page are showing the corner mounts only, which is the minimum required to mount the top enclosure, the 302mm interface part will cover 2-3 sides, and the smaller sections will allow you proper placement for the various items you may have mounted on your printer such as the cable system, filament holders, etc...


On mine, I choose to print 302mm parts all the way around (using the Magnum Pulleys and Magnum Pulley Mounts, this moves all pulleys and belts inside the build area), and modify the STEP file from the Fusion archive to include cutouts for my filament spool holder and filament feed line on the right side of the printer. You could also just print the various smaller interface parts. The choice is yours!


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