Railcore® Electronics Box Covers

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Proud of your wiring management? The clear electronics cover is probably for you!

Choose the smokey grey if you only want to give a hint of what is underneath your cover.

You will have your choice of engraved or plain electronics covers for your Railcore printer!

The kit printers will all have the same sized electronics bays whereas the self sourced panels are drawn larger. If you have self sourced and have the longer electronics panels, please contact us to arrange a large acrylic piece for your printer as these are a custom order and custom size.

As requested, our electronics panels are now available in 1/4", in both smoked and clear acrylic, with or without lettering, and with the option for the Ultimaker Style Filament holders as shown in the 3rd picture or found at MyMiniFactory.

Note: The letters are engraved on the INSIDE of the electronics cover so that the lights from the electronics will allow them to refract the light and glow, or, if you really want to get fun with it, you can also light the logo from inside the electronics bay with custom LED's. The choice is yours! Can't wait to see what you do!

These parts are cut on demand due to the options available for them, so shipping will occur within 1-2 days of receiving the order.


Railcore®️ is a registered trademark of RailCore labs, LLC

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