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Mandala Rose Works is thrilled that after several years of development, we are announcing that our StrykePoint Probe is now available!


The StrykePoint is a completely mechanical probe with a nearly identical form factor to the BL Touch.  That however, is where the similarity ends. 

This probe is an advanced to expert level product, and is not for beginners.  Familiarity and comfort with configuration and gcode is required!

StrykePoint is unique in that it addresses a lot of problems with probes in one simple unit.

  • Not affected by embedded magnets!!!
  • Repeatability of 0.004mm (0.0001")
  • Handles high chamber temps
    (Tested up to 80C, realistically should handle a max of 120C)
  • No electronics to be affected by heat
  • Can probe any surface from metal, to glass to plastic
  • Probe body is printed out of PA-12 Nylon with a glass transition temp of 175C
  • Wire has PTFE insulation
  • Molex Microfit Connectors

We include a link to a document detailing installation of the probe with Duet and Klipper, which contains wiring information and macros for the correct operation of the probe.  Simply scan the QR code on the box!

The probe is unique in that you can choose to automate the deployment and retraction of the probe with a simple printed wedge and a few XY moves, or just deploy and retract it manually.  The choice is yours!

We have been using this probe exclusively for several years, and it has exceeded our expectations!  We hope it will exceed yours as well!

Probe comes with:

  • Assembled, tuned and tested StrykePoint Probe 
  • 1M of wire with connectors on each end
  • Quick release connectors for easy maintenance of your print head
  • Online assembly and wiring instructions

What is needed from the end user:

  • Initial installation of the probe in a manual, not auto-deploy configuration.
  • Careful setup, configuration and modification of the macros for probing as well as auto-deployment of the probe pin.
  • Consider sending us your mounting and deployment solutions for inclusion in our github.


  • 56mm Tall
  • 26mm Wide
  • 17mm Deep
  • Mounting Hole Spacing - 18mm

Special thanks to Brett from the Railcore discord for his help and assistance with the Klipper documentation.

Please check out the Adjustable Probe Mount that we have which fits the StrykePoint perfectly, and allows vertical adjustment and fine tuning of the probe height.

Note: Beta period ends when our first batch units run out.

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