Ultraflat Bed for Proforge 4

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This bed a replacement for the Proforge 4 printer bed and is made out of our Ultraflat 5083 series Cast Tooling plate.

Width: 410mm
Height: 310mm
Thickness: 9mm
Flatness: Flat to 0.15mm or less

You have the option of choosing the magnet version, or the non magnet version of the bed.  Our magbeds are a top magnet design where the magnets are embedded into the top of the bed.

We suggesting getting a 0.5mm or thicker flexplate as our magnets are very strong (N48SH rated for 150C and 11lbs holding force) and can cause thinner sheets to dimple in the area of the magnets.  If you do not have the option for a thicker flex plate, you can follow our shimming guide which is a quick and easy guide to shimming the magnets.

The depth of the magnet pockets can vary a tiny bit due to variances in the thickness of the magnets and the flatness of the sheet.  We do our best to get the pockets to as consistent a depth as we can, but there are still minute variances.


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