The "Gripper" E3DV6 Wrench

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Mandala Rose Works is pleased to present 'The Gripper' wrench which is designed to make nozzle changes a breeze on the e3dV6 hotend.


Mandala Rose Works manufactures the Gripper which was designed in collaboration with Doug Meek.


It's a very ingenious design created specifically to hold the E3D heater block firmly when tightening nozzles. It's small and lightweight, and easy to hold in place, with cutouts to avoid the themistor and heater cartridges.

It has a cutout through the middle of the wrench, so you can get the appropriate sized socket in there to snug up your nozzle.

In addition, the heater block cutouts are mirrored on the other side of the wrench making reverse orientations of the heater block just as easy to tighten. Just choose the side of the wrench that matches your hotend orientation, and you are good to go!

Solve your heatblock tightening now with the 'Gripper'!


Q: Won't this wrench bleed off the heat of the hotend, and possibly get to hot to handle?
A: The proper way to use the Gripper is to heat your hotend up to the temp that you want to tighten it. At this point, you slide the gripper on the heater block, reach through the cutout in the bottom with a small socket and tighten your nozzle while holding the Gripper tightly in order to keep everything aligned. Doing this should take no more than 5-10 seconds, which is not long enough to cause heater faults or even heat up the wrench enough to get to where you hand is holding it. I personally heat the hotend up to my tightening temp, turn off the heater, then slide the wrench on and tighten it. It is very quick and easy to do.


Disclaimer: Since this is aluminum, and conductive, make sure that your wires for these items are well enough out of the way so as to not touch the wrench, or perform the tightening immediately after turning off the hotend.

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