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The Single/Dual Y Carriage (SD Carriage) is a replacement carriage for the printed carriage for the Railcore® line of 3d printers.

This is the same carriage as comes in our Dual Y Carriage kit, but with additional hole locations so you can use this as a single extruder plate.

We have recently made a few updates on this part too. Now, when in single extruder configuration, you are now able to mount the limit switch for Y directly on the S/D Carriage. In addition, we have added a few extra holes on the bottom, so no matter what Aluminum Shroud Mount you have, you can use it with this carriage.



The best part of this is if you want to upgrade to dual extrusion down the road, all you need to do is purchase the upgrade kit, which contains a Dual hotend Fan Shroud printed in high temp FunToDo Indistrial Resin, Adjustable Hotend Rail and Ajustable Groove Mount!

See the listing for the Dual Hotend Y carriage kit below to see more information about the upgrade kit.

To use the James Tongue Aluminum Fan Shroud with the SD Carriage, you need this adapter from Thingiverse.


If you need a Y limit switch mount, you can download it from Thingiverse.

If you want to use the kit provided JT Shroud on the Aluminum carriages, you can download it from here.

Railcore ®️ is a registered trademark of RailCore labs, LLC

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