Railcore® Mini Bed

Railcore® Mini Bed

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The Railcore® mini bed is machined out of 5083 Cast Tooling Plate, boasting 4 high temp 150c Neodynium Magnets.  In addition, they are attached to the bed with countersunk screws. These magnets are rated for temperatures up to 150C. They each have a pulling force of 11 lbs.

Our magbeds are milled from .250" (6.4mm) 5083 cast aluminum alloy tool plate. Cast tool plates casting process means fewer internal stresses which can cause warping. This also allows us to go one step further, and flatten our bed, giving you one of the flattest magbeds available. 

The magnets will likely cause interference with the bed probes. If using a BLTouch, please use the plastic tipped BLtouch bed leveling probe, and avoid probing directly over the magnets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any point you decide to remove the magnets, first of all, when reinstalling the screws, turn the screw backwards until you feel the threads in the screw jump the threads in the bed. Once you feel that little bump, turn the screw in until it gets to the "screw stops turning point" with zero strength behind it. Once the screw has stopped turning, tighten it 1/32nd of a turn and NO MORE. Overtightening WILL shatter the magnets.

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