Nevermore StealthMax Hardware Kit

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Assembled and verified by @Drevic of Central 3d Printing, we are pleased to present our latest hardware kits. These kits are compatible with the most recent version of Nevermore StealthMax on Github. Please be aware that this package only includes hardware; the printed components must be produced separately.


 Description Quantity
DELTA BFB0712HF 65mm GPU fan 1
BME280 2
SGP30 2
Mateksys 6-30V Buck Converter 1
Raspberry Pi Pico W 1
M2x4 FHCS 10
M3x6 BHCS 24
M3x8 SHCS 3
M3x10 SHCS 5
M3x12 SHCS 8
M3x16 SHCS 2
M3x20 SHCS 3
M3x25 SHCS 5
M3 Hex Nut 2
M3xD5.0xL4.0 Heat Set Inserts 30
Carbon 2L
HEPA filters (for Xiaomi Mijia G1) 2
PC4-M10 Pneumatic Fitting 1
250x3mm round acrylic panel 1
3mm sponge cord 1M
M10 threaded DC connector 1
pre-wired 6-pin 1.25mm pitch JST connector (1x Male, 1x Female) 1
pre-wired 4-pin 1.25mm pitch JST connector (1x Male, 1x Female) 2
JST-PH 4-pin male GPU fan connector 1
AWG26 2-conductor (0.14 mm²) cable 40CM
Heat shrink tubing 1/16"
2 foot 26 awg wire 4
Extra Heat Shrink Tubing 3

Carbon Comparision for selecting the proper carbon for use in the Nevermore. 

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