K3 Style Voron Door

K3 Style Voron Door

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We are now offering the K3 style doors for the Voron Trident and 2.4 printers.

These doors are based on the designs from https://github.com/gdsolar/Printer-Mods

We are offering these doors in Clear or Smoked Acrylic or Polycarbonate.

Please Note:  The doors have a specific orientation.  Please make sure of the orientation before you assemble and install the doors.

For cleaning the doors, please read the "Cleaning your acrylic and polycarbonate" article on our site.

Hardware Kits are available!          

Printed Parts are available!

We are producing as orders arrive.  Turnaround time on a orders is 2-10 business days.  Acrylic is generally faster as the machine that cuts the polycarbonate may be busy on other projects.

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