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Mandala Rose Works is proud to be able to offer one of our ultraflat magbeds for The Jubilee! Our magbed is machined from 1/4" K100S Cast Tooling Plate and is additionally flattened to sub 0.2mm tolerances.

This is a top magnet designed bed. The 9 high temperature (150C) neodymium magnets N48SH are recessed into custom milled pockets on the top side of the bed, to keep them as close to the flex sheet as possible.

With the Subtle Design or Buildtak Flex sheets, we see enough holding power laterally that we can actually slide a printer. Please note that flex sheets vary in magnetic strength, depending on the material and thickness used by the flex sheet manufacturer.

Each bed is tested on a granite surface plate prior to magnet installation to determine the flatness after flattening. That value is then engraved on the beds for your reference when building and tuning your printer!

The magnets will likely cause interference with the bed probes. If using a BLTouch, please use the plastic tipped BLtouch bed leveling probe, and avoid probing directly over the magnets. Due to the flatness of our beds, a 4 point mesh leveling probe between magnets is all you need to do before printing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any point you decide to remove the magnets, first of all, when reinstalling the screws, turn the screw backwards until you feel the threads in the screw jump the threads in the bed. Once you feel that little bump, turn the screw in until it gets to the "screw stops turning point" with zero strength behind it. Once the screw has stopped turning, tighten it 1/32nd of a turn and NO MORE. Overtightening WILL shatter the magnets.

This part is machined to Joshua Vasquez's specifications and assures a good drop in for the Jubilee, and it has all the latest features for accessory mounting.


  • Weight: 4 lbs (approx)
  • Length: 340mm
  • Height: 305mm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Part #:07-BED-04-MKS-MRW

The specific build instructions are available here.

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