Engraving on Annex K3 Door

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We are happy to be offering the annex engraving on the acrylic door for the K3.

This engraving is "reverse" engraved on the inside of the door, meaning that the front of the door will be completely smooth and the inside of the door will be where the engraving actually is.

This listing is for the engraving only.  Please choose the engraving only option if you have already have the annex K3 Panel set in your cart.  

If you want to buy just a door, choose the option below to include the door only.

Please Note: This item will have a 3-5 day lead time.  Our laser is extremely busy these days, so we have to fit the engraving in when and where we have some downtime on it as this engraving takes over an hour.

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