e3d Hemera Y Carriage

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Designed for the Railcore® II printers, this is a mount for the E3D Hemera, made out of 6061 Aluminum. These are compatible with the direct extruder variant of the Hemera.


The Hemera Y Carriage is a joint collaboration with Mandala Rose Works and Filastruder.


The Hemera Y Carriage will use it's very own James Tongue Fan Shroud which you can download from Thingiverse and print yourself. We are offering high temp resin prints of the Hemera Fan Duct as well. They will be printed in Fun To Do High Temp Industrial Resin good up to 225C.

We also have a download link for some STLs from Thingiverse for a BlTouch mount , a cable bundle mount and the needed spacers for the James Tongue fan shroud.


If you are using the full printed Y carriage that comes with kits, you will also need to either print a belt retainer and clip or upgrade to the machined aluminum one.

The mounting location for the limit switch is built into the Hemera Y Carriage as well. Height on the carriage is the same as an e3dv6.

Assembly instructions for Hemera Y Carriage

Hemera Y Carriages are in stock, and will ship within a day.

The 7th picture contains the information on the offsets of the Rear Mounted BLTouch from the nozzle.

Kit Contents


  • Aluminum Hemera Y Carriage (54g)
  • 2 - m2 x 10mm cap head bolts to mount the endstop switch


Railcore®️ is a registered trademark of RailCore labs, LLC

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