Doron Velta Bed

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We are happy to be able to produce this bed for a very unique printer, the Doron Velta from

This Delta printer is inspired from the Voron Design line of printers.

Bed Specs:

  • 5083 Cast Tooling Plate
  • Flat to 0.15mm or less
  • 6mm Thick
  • 200mm diameter

You can order this bed with or without embedded N48SH 150C magnets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any point you decide to remove the magnets, first of all, when reinstalling the screws, turn the screw backwards until you feel the threads in the screw jump the threads in the bed. Once you feel that little bump, turn the screw in until it gets to the "screw stops turning point" with zero strength behind it. Once the screw has stopped turning, tighten it 1/32nd of a turn and NO MORE. Overtightening WILL shatter the magnets.


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