Creality K1 Max Ultraflat Bed

Creality K1 Max Ultraflat Bed

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The Creality K1 Max bed is machined out of 6mm thick 5083 Aluminum Cast Tooling plate.

There are 2 - 3mm holes on the back edge for additional bed leveling.

  • Weight: 4 lbs (approx)
  • Length: 310mm
  • Height: 315mm
  • Thickness: 6mm

All of our K1 Max beds are Ultraflat!  Which is +/- 0.05mm, or in plain terms, no more than 0.1mm out of flat. 

The question has been asked about how flat our beds are after heating to 100C.  The answer is that it depends on how you install it.  If you make the 4 mounting screws totally tight, the bed will try to expand when heated, and your flatness will change for the worse.

The proper way to install the bed is to tighten 1 screw fully, and the 3 remaining screws should be very lightly snug, but NOT TIGHT.  This will allow some movement an expansion.

Please note, these beds are made on demand, so please expect 2-10 days lead time before your order ships.

Recommended heater pad is a Voron 250 heater pad in sizes 240x240mm or 250x250mm.  Keenovo carries these on their store.

Keenovo also now carries a heater specific for the K1 Max bed.  You can order it from Keenovo directly.  Disclaimer: We have no firsthand experience with this heater.

PLEASE NOTE: It is considered VERY dangerous to reuse bed heaters for 3d printers.  The process of removing the heaters from old beds can damage the wire in the heater matte and can post a very real fire hazard.  We highly recommend you get a new heater, and never reuse old heaters that have already been attached to a bed.

LIDAR NOTE: Most users are not using the Lidar, but, if you are, you will need to print this spacer to place under the QRCode so that it raises the QRCode plate to the level of the new bed.

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