Annex K1/K2 400 Bed (Standard or Magbed)

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Mandala Rose Works magbed for the K1/K2 400 is designed to mount onto the existing mounting holes for the printer.

This is a top magnet designed bed. The 16 high temperature (150C) neodymium magnets N48SH are recessed into custom milled pockets on the top side of the bed, to keep them as close to the flex sheet as possible.

With the Subtle Design or Buildtak Flex sheets, we see enough holding power laterally that we can actually slide a printer. Please note that flex sheets vary in magnetic strength, depending on the material and thickness used by the flex sheet manufacturer.

All of our beds are flat to at most 0.2mm.

Bed dimensions are 406mm x 406mm x 12.7mm thick.

These beds are made to order, so please allow 3-10 business days for us to make your item and get it shipped to you.

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