T-Nuts for Shop Sabre Routers

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After a lot of runs to the hardware store and not being able to find what I needed, I decided to make T-Nuts that would fit the T-Slots that come with Shop Sabre routers.

This listing is just for the T-nuts as everyone is going to have different use cases for using them as well as different bolt length requirements. 

My use case for these was to bolt down my spoilboard which has worked great.  I was able to bolt down my spoilboard without issue after making these little guys using a 1/2" long bolt. 

They are tapped with 1/4-20 threads and are designed to fit into the wider opening of the T-slots so you can drop them in and take them out of the T-slots easily.

The dimensions of the T-Nuts are 0.6" Long x 0.6" Wide by 0.245" Tall.  These dimensions allow the T-Nuts to just barely clear the heads of the bolts that attach the aluminum T-Slots to the bed of your router table.  The T-Nuts are made out of 6061 Aluminum, so don't reef on them as if they are steel.

10 T-Nuts to a pack.
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