RatRig Bed Support Arms (for 3.1 only)

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These are our machined bed arms for the RatRig VCore-3 v3.1 Only. 
We have 3.0 arms as well but in a separate listing.

They are machined out of 6061 Aluminum and are based on the Kelvin style kinematics.  

They are designed to work with some micro-wobblers that are available on our site - but are not required. 

You can purchase antibacklash nuts that are compatible with your leadscrews, or use the nuts provided in the kit from Ratrig.

More info on the pitch and size of your leadscrews is available from RatRig and your order from them. 

If you want to use our micro-wobbler, the nuts need to be 16mm center to center on the mounting holes. If you choose not to use the micro-wobblers we are making, you can also use 20mm center to center nuts.


Review the 2nd picture in the gallery.  Right front arm get's the chamfered magnet.  Left front arm and rear arm get's a flat magnet.  A/B Nuts go below the arms.  

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